Grinding tapes / Thermal release tapes

Bumped Wafer Grinding Tape

Our specialized soft layer and UV adhesive layer provide good bump absorption and preventing water penetration.

Item Specifications
Composition Base Film SPECIAL PET (3 LAYERS)
Soft Layer Acryl
UV Adhesive Acryl
Protection Film PET
Thickness (um) Base Film 95
Soft Layer 100
UV Adhesive 30
Protection Film 38
Total (Without Protection Film) 225 ± 200
Color Naked Eye Sky Blue
Adhesive Strength
Before UV 1200 ± 200
After UV 25 Under

Thermal Release Tape

PIG/PIS attach films for LED PKG manufacturing process. Adhesion and releasing temperature cusromization available

Grade Unit Specifications
Total um 187±1
Liner um 36±2
Thermal Release Adhesive Layer um 45±3
PET Base Film um 100±2
Thickness (um) Before Heating gf/25mm 500±100
After Heating gf/25mm <10
Color - Light Green