Semiconductor manufacturing industries

ROOTS Materials was established by experienced and enthusiastic engineers

to be part of the foundation for our customers success in LED and semiconductor manufacturing industries

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We are developing phosphor layers for LED packages, which include but not limited to: diamond slurries for polishing wafer and ceramic parts, chemical solutions and precise ceramic components for semiconductor production process. For phosphor layers PIG (Phosphor in Glass) and PIS (Phosphor in Silicon), we have full in-house process from mixing to chip fabrication in order to support various phosphor chips for different customer requests. In addition, with our specialized knowledge in ceramic materials and phosphor layer fabrication processes, we are eager to be your key strategic partner and challenging technologies such as cost effective phosphor layer development and new types of phosphor layers for micro LED

Furthermore, because we are very familiar with optimizing indirect materials for phosphor layer processes and semiconductor processes, we can be your sourcing agent for local manufacturers producing best in class films, tools and chemicals.

We are ready to be a your strategic partner for your next challenge!